Waldorf Hilton Hotel

The design intent is to restore the Waldorf Hotel to the luxurious, timeless style with which it is globally synonymous.

  • Project Cost £3 million
  • Architect Dexter Moren Associates
  • Images Fluid Structures / Dexter Moren Associates

It is proposed to add the wow factor back to arriving at a 5* hotel by redirecting the guests into the hotel via the stunning Palm Court, which will once again become the heart of the hotel.

The Palm Court was designed to be the focus of the hotel with all Public areas accessible from it. Lately it has been a significant revenue driver as a Pre-Assembly area but this to the detriment of sense of hotel arrival and connectivity within the hotel, for example the restaurant has required mirrored doors to separate it, such that it is disconnected from everyday guest experience.

The addition of a free standing mezzanine to the Palm Court will both enable the hotel to utilise the Palm Court for Reception, with associated Lobby Lounge and visible links to Restaurant, Lift Lobby etc. while allowing a significant upper level Pre-Assembly to be created. 

This feature will be designed as a free-standing structure that, like a piece of furniture, will not affect the listed status of the room. Guests will now be able to again arrive, lounge, dine and take afternoon tea inside the dramatic Palm Court. The potential buzz of activity from a visually separated upper level mezzanine Pre-Assembly will enhance the active atmosphere of the Palm Court.

Exploded Model