Tower Bridge Visitor Centre

Fluid were appointed as Structural Engineers for the work on the Tower Bridge Masterplan, the proposal was to provide a new entrance and exit lobby to the Tower Bridge Exhibition that connected directly to the south tower lift (providing access to the walkways at the upper level).


  • Project Cost Confidential
  • Architect Mowat & Company
  • Images Fluid Structures / Mowat & Company

The proposal was for a one-storey 22 person glass and steel entrance and exit lobby which allows at least two wheelchair users to make a 3-point turn and exit or enter facing forward at any one time.

Potentially the lobby could be easily removed without altering or affecting the historic buildings existing condition. We have helped design new internal structural steel columns to direct the bulk of the load towards the existing foundations of the South East Tower. This is necessary as there are machinery rooms directly below. These structural members are proposed to double-up as rain-water pipes.

1. 200x100x10 RHS spanning between supports in front of glazing frame and around door opening

2. 100x100x10 SHS

3. 100x50x10 PFC’s at 500mm c/c

4. 150x100x10 RHS column positioned between existing mullion and glazing frame

5. New columns pinned at top and base

6. Three 60.3×6.3 CHS with pinned connections to existing 254x146x37 beams above.