TOKKO MyPlace Luton

Fluid Structures worked with Astudio Architects on an exciting new educational building in the centre of Luton.

The building, which includes five usable floors and a basement for plant space, is to be used by the community and as a youth centre. The building includes performance areas, dance studios, media centres and a climbing wall and the dramatic architecture of the building reflects the expressive nature of its users.


The small site and the required flexibility for future use ensured that internal columns were not feasible, so the floors have to be capable of spanning seven metres between edge columns and the central stability core. Additionally, at the second floor, the building line articulates about a corner to cantilever out up to three and a half metres.


The building is constructed as a reinforced concrete frame, with spans up to eight metres and the building is supported by piled foundations to negate extensive made ground across the site.

  • Project Cost £5 million
  • Architect Astudio
  • Images Astudio