Thames Water: 65 Clarendon Road

This project involved the construction of a piled basement in London Clay beneath an existing 4 storey semi detached Victorian house.  A large brick sewer ran diagonally under the corner of the proposed basement at a depth of approximately 7 metres and it was necessary to agree a method of constructing the basement so that it would not damage the sewer.

  • Architect The Holland Park Studio
  • Images The Holland Park Studio


  • Possibility of rupturing major sewer.
  • Possibility of sewer damage and collapse causing road collapse.

Design Procedures

  • We contacted TWUL at an early stage in the project before any design work had commenced and agreed methods of construction that would be acceptable close to the sewer.
  • We carried out a detailed site investigation and TWUL carried out a condition survey prior to any work starting.
  • Based on our drawings, meetings, TWUL meeting and drawings the feasibility of the proposed works was established and agreed with TWUL.