Superyacht Staircase, Heesen

This project involved the complete re-design of the main stair for the Heesen built 50 metre long super yacht ‘The Ice Angel’.

  • Project Cost Confidential
  • Architect Based Upon / Atmos Studio / Star Design
  • Images Atmos Studio

Fluid were appointed by Atmos Studio to design the structure for the stair and work with them to produce a unique and intricate piece, combining artistic flair and engineering accuracy.

The main structural elements are high strength stainless steel tubes which form each component; the twisting central post, guard rail, handrail, treads and decorative branches. The long branching strands of the central post stitch together a complex array of stainless steel tubes, 2D-rolled and seamlessly welded together into an intricate, carefully controlled 3D sculptural web of stringers, guard-rails and handrail. From this central core the treads span to a laser-cut steel plate fixed to the perimeter walls and the decorative branches grow out and wind to specific points on the ceiling and walls. Each tread is a ‘fine leaf’ comprised of stainless steel tubes forming the front, back and intermediate veins of the leaf, onto which a thin layer of structural glass is inlaid.

The slenderness and open structure of the stair and treads filters a rich elongation of views through the depths and heights of a boat more readily associated with luxurious horizontal length than vertical height.

1. Handrail works as a truss which supports vertical load at the end of each tread and additional lateral load on the handrail. Support is taken at each level, with the fixing at the ceiling just taking a nominal load.
2. The glass treads span front to back on to steel tubes which then span on to the plate stringer and the handrail truss.
3. The plate stringer is continuous and screwed into the 16mm thick ply wall panel at regular centres to ensure a robust connection.