Shakespeare North, Prescot Playhouse

Fluid have been working with Helm Architecture on the Shakespeare North Project.


  • Project Cost £20 million
  • Architect Helm Architecture
  • Images Fluid Structures / Helm Architecture

This project was set up by the Shakespeare North Trust and Knowsley MBC to commemorate the historic Elizabethan playhouse and the connections with Shakespeare. At the heart of an educational and heritage centre it will link the past, present and future as a cultural milieu of the town.

A living landmark in the form of an iconic theatre, a focus for education and performance akin to the Globe Theatre in London. The historic theatre is set at the nucleus of an avant-garde structure shell system which has been developed with the design team, Helm Architecture. The shell includes innovative foyer, education and community facilities with a museum at basement level.

The project would provide regeneration of the area through tourism, engaging communities, neighbourhoods and individuals in activity that supports community life, citizenship and celebration. Educational, employment and investment opportunities will be available for local children, through to University and international academic research, deriving from the activities of the centre.

Fluid Structures' Model
Helm Architectures' Model