Salt Cay Resort, Turks and Caicos Islands

Fluid Structures are the engineers for the redevelopment of an existing island at the eastern tip of the Turks and Caicos (British West Indies).

  • Project Cost £150 million
  • Architect 24H
  • Images 24H

This will see the construction of two hotels, comprising a total of 140 luxury villas plus central Beach Club, restaurant and bar facilities; up to 75 private residences, a new marina, golf club, sports centre and two spas. The new facilities will make innovative re-use of existing features on the island. For example, one of the spas will be built over and adjacent to an existing water storage tank, and a central ‘Jazz Bar’ will occupy an existing quarry space. There is a strong sense that the development should complement the natural beauty of the island, rather than overshadowing it.

The project also includes the construction of a new green energy park, which will meet the island’s eventual energy requirements almost entirely through renewable resources. The new structures will be predominantly low rise, employing a combination of pre-fabricated elements that can be brought in by boat and local construction materials and techniques.

Family Villa
Standard Villa
Model and Plan of Club House