Royal Festival Hall, Entrance Canopies

Fluid Structures were asked by architects Allies and Morrison to collaborate on the design of the new entrances at the Royal Festival Hall.

A number of meetings were held to discuss the nature of the entrances and their relationship with the site and the river. The canopies were conceived to act as porticoes that respond to the scale of the Festival Hall behind. At the lower level they provide meeting points and resting places within their shelter. At the upper level they signal the new riverside activities which are happening below. The two canopies were designed as a pair and their mirrored form plays an important role in containing the external spaces between them at the different levels.



Stirling Prize Nominated 2008

  • Project Cost £1 million
  • Architect Allies and Morrison
  • Images Paul Smoothy / Fluid Structures
Model of structure for finite plate analysis
Output analysis from computer