Riverside, Hemel Hempstead Faberdex

  • Project Cost £2 million
  • Images Fluid Structures

The project involved remedial works to a rainscreen system that had recently been installed on the project. During a storm some of the cladding was damaged and some elements were ripped from the building. Alucobond rainscreen cladding system had been used to clad the majority of the retail buildings, however, it was found that the panels were not properly supported and remedial works were required. In addition to enhancing the supports the panels also needed to be stiffened and the joints between the panels also required attention. In addition, it was necessary to provide advice on approximately 1.5km of Alucobond parapet cladding that had also failed during the storm.

The analysis of a 3095mm x 1335mm, 2874mm x 1200mm and 2672mm x 1180mm panels was carried out based on staggered support on each side and staggered support top and bottom at each end and at mid-length on each of the long sides.

The analysis indicated that the panels could be strengthened sufficiently by adding 2 vertical stiffeners at 1/3 and 2/3 points along the length of the panel. In addition the top and bottom angles needed to be strengthened by adding an additional 20 x 20 x 3 angle on inside of the pane.