Rivers Academy

The reception building is the second structure designed by Fluid Structures and completed with Jonathan Clark Architects, housed at the Rivers Academy (previously named Longford Community School).

  • Project Cost £1 million
  • Architect Jonathan Clark Architects
  • Images Jonathan Clark Architects

The building is situated directly in front of the main school entrance and houses the head teacher’s office as well as reception facilities and seating areas for visitors.

The primary structure comprises of slender, standard steel sections. Steelwork connections were arranged sensitively to allow construction of a slim roof deck that cantilevers beyond glazed facades on three elevations. Unbraced steel box frames provide global stability whilst maintaining open plan flexible spaces within; non-load bearing partitions within may be rearranged without affecting the stability of primary structure.

Steel columns extending to the higher roof level are clad in painted Laminated Veneered Lumber panels that aesthetically relate to the previously constructed library extension building. A structural glass ‘link’ provides access from the reception area to the main school building.