Pool House, St George’s Hill

This pool house was designed by MMM Architects and Fluid Structures to meet the testing requirements of the St George’s Hill estate development committee, as well as local planning requirements.

This meant a building partially sunk into the slopes of the gardens to the main house and an extensive and luxurious green roof.

The roof structure was achieved by expressed twinned glulam beams which form a key part of the architectural language. Timber is inherently also much more naturally durable in a pool environment than steel or concrete elements. When opened the expansive glazed doors disappear into concealed cavities carefully detailed into the masonry wall panels, enhancing the connection to the gardens adjacent.

Bespoke structural detailing had to be worked out by Fluid to enable the masonry walling to remain stable around these door “pockets€. The semi basement was formed with a contiguous piled wall, constructed using a mini-rig which suited the restricted access and protected tree root zones. The finished building delivers the architect’s vision of a beautiful building becoming a quiet retreat for the client.

  • Project Cost £1.2 million
  • Architect MMM Architects
  • Images Fluid Structures