Network Rail: South Kilburn Site 11

  • Project Cost £35 million
  • Architect PRP Architects
  • Images Fluid Structures / PRP Architects

Brent’s redevelopment land designated as ‘Site 11’ is a narrow linear site sandwiched between the West Coast Main Line out of Euston and a parallel residential road. The rail corridor accommodates not only high speed inter-city services but also urban rail services and parts of the overground LUL network through Queens Park station.

With London Borough of Brent seeking to construct eight new blocks of mixed tenure housing there were clearly high level risks associated with the presence of the railway. The railway had the potential to affect factors such as site layout, building height, methods of cranage and construction, excavations, and extent of basements and fenestration.

Fluid Structures were therefore appointed to address these issues and lead negotiations with railway authorities, before preparation and submission of the Planning Application. At the first meeting arranged with Network Rail it became clear that on this site particular specific requirements would apply due to the H.V. catenary power supply to the high speed lines. As the investigations and liaisons progressed a further issue was identified with historic tie rods retaining Network Rail structures, but located on Brent’s Land.

These and other issues were addressed in the scheme design ensuring that when the Planning Application was submitted the key issues were managed and the Approval in Principle process was well advanced.