London Underground: Minories Hotel

Fluid Structures have advised Endurance Land with regard to construction of an 18-20 storey hotel on a site in the City which is directly adjacent to the tunnels of the Circle and District Lines.

The existing building on the site includes a 2.5m deep basement car park which shares its western wall with the eastern side of the LUL tunnels. The tunnels, which were some of the first sections constructed in London are very shallow, overlapping with existing basement level. In the 1880’s steam hauled trains served this line.

  • Project Cost £23 million
  • Architect Mackay and Partners
  • Images Fluid Structures / Mackay and Partners


  • Condition of existing London Underground tunnel would be affected by construction work and legal action taken.
  • Position of tunnel not accurately established and thus it would be affected by demolition or construction work.

Design Procedures

  • Contacted LUL at early stage in the project before any design work had commenced.
  • Established the location of the tunnel via a Correlation survey.
  • Agree parameters with LUL regarding pre condition survey and post condition survey.
  • Develop a scheme which documents demolition and construction procedures avoiding load on to the tunnel.
  • Negotiate an Agreement in Principle (AIP) and submit to LUL for approval prior to construction.