London Underground: Colliers Wood

The project involved the following elements of work to a small retail building above Colliers Wood London Underground station.

  • Images Fluid Structures
  • Existing Structure

Alterations to the existing structure included the formation of 2no. new door openings and the widening of an existing opening through the load bearing masonry walls. There were also several new masonry infills. A Type 3 asbestos survey was also carried out.

  • New Mezzanine Storage Floor

A new mezzanine floor structure was constructed. A shallow steel framed floor deck was developed due to the restricted headroom.


  • Possibility of localised damage to the ticket hall area due to demolition or construction.
  • Construction work could have caused damage to the ticket hall if the loads were too close or too large.
  • Excavations too close to the tunnels could have damaged the roof of the ticket hall or allowed excessive water ingress.

Design Procedures

  • Contacted LUL at an early stage in the project before any design work had commenced and agreed a schedule of condition for the ticket hall area that was directly beneath the building as access was straightforward.
  • Established the location of the ticket hall and produced drawings to show the relationship between the buildings and station.
  • Once the scheme was sufficiently developed an Approval In Principle (AIP) submission was sent to LUL for their approval.
  • When the AIP was approved by LUL work could commence on site.