Lancer Square

This site, which comprises of an entire existing block, is located close to Kensington High Street, with prominent retail frontage onto Kensington Church Street.

  • Project Cost £100 million
  • Architect Squire and Partners
  • Images Squire and Partners

The site is currently occupied by two buildings flanking a publicly accessible square. The intention is to demolish these and build three new blocks (up to seven storeys high) that offer a combination of high end retail, office and residential functions over approximately 80,000 square feet in total.

The intention is to maximise the usable square footage within the development whilst adhering to ‘Rights to Light’ requirements, and meeting the Planner’s aspirations in terms of providing high quality publicly accessible spaces. A double storey basement is to be constructed under the whole site to house car parking, a health club and plant spaces. This will make use of secant or contiguous piled perimeter walls, with a watertight reinforced concrete box cast within the piled perimeter, on piled foundations.

Above ground, the two blocks providing retail and residential accommodation will be reinforced concrete frames with flat slabs, possibly making limited use of transfer structures at first floor level to enable columns within retail spaces to be minimised. The office building will make use of cellular steel beams to achieve a 16m span across the building without intermediate columns, providing high quality, unobstructed, open plan office accommodation. In addition a fourth block of residential accommodation will be built in the vicinity of the site providing accommodation for key workers.