Grosvenor House, Hyde Park

  • Project Cost £2 million
  • Images Fluid Structures

The project involved cladding a 7 storey courtyard with 1000mm x 700mm x 45mm thick sandstone panels fixed back to an aluminium sub frame.

  • Windload calculations for project.
  • Fixings specification development (Metal to metal).
  • Primary fixings to main structure will be by others based on the provision of Domus Façades system load data.
  • Assessment of lateral stability of supports bracket.

Other issues that needed to be addressed were as follows:

  • The durability of the proposed system for the expected temperature range, exposure conditions, maintenance regime and lifetime requirements will also need to be confirmed.
  • The currently proposed system relies on the Sika adhesive system to support the rainscreen panels, however, there needed to be a failsafe mechanism to support the panels in the event that the adhesive failed.
  • A maintenance, replacement and inspection regime needed to be agreed with the Building owner and the building insurers.
  • A quality control procedure needed to be agreed for production, installation, inspection and maintenance.
  • The location, method of fixing and loads that are applied to the main structure by the proposed system supports will need to be agreed. The system will also needed to cater for the predicted deflections and thermal movement of the main structure and the position of movement joints in the main structure had to be catered for.