Glass Staircase, Hayles Street

A steel and glass staircase for a private residence.

The glass treads are bonded to the steel string which is stabilised laterally by a glass spine wall.

  • Project Cost Confidential
  • Architect Fluid Structures
  • Images Paul Smoothy

Exploded Isometric View

1. 6mm thick x 80mm deep plate steel stringer with spray lacquer finish
2. 19mm toughened glass treads on 20mm thick acrylic sheet
3. 10mm thick x 80mm deep acrylic infill to riser
4. 4 No. M8 countersunk bolts with cover plate
5. 19mm toughened glass landing on 20mm thick acrylic sheet
6. 12mm thick toughened glass spine
7. 24mm dia. Brushed stainless steel handrail
8. 12mm thick toughened glass balustrade
9. 25 x 25mm aluminium channel recessed into ceiling
10. 12mm thick toughened glass slide wall