Glass Bridge, Cambridge Road

The project involved the refurbishment and extension of a large house at Cambridge Road, Battersea.

As a part of the refurbishment works, the client wanted a feature glass bridge. The glass bridge spans 3.0 metres and uses stainless steel shoes to support the glass beams and balustrade.  

  • Project Cost Confidential
  • Architect Dyer Brown
  • Images Paul Smoothy

1. Bridge deck 12mm float on 15mm toughened laminated to 15mm toughened — 5ply
2. Glass balustrade 2 sheets of 10mm toughened glass
3. Glass fin 12mm toughened glass
4. Brushed stainless steel handrail 32mm dia. Spaced off balustrade by 40mm
5. Glass beams 5 ply — 3 sheets of 10mm toughened glass laminated together with clear resin interlock.