Folded Metal Staircase, Green Street Mayfair

The project is a refurbishment of a five storey plus basement Victorian house in Mayfair.

The essence of the project is the design and construction of a new spiral staircase from third to fourth floor level. The stair consists of a 12mm thick folded metal plate with a metal plate string that curves around its outer edge.


As there are no walls either side of the treads for them to span across or cantilever off, it was decided to support the staircase with several beams. These are to be concealed by a curved ply wall. To increase the stiffness of the staircase, the inner edge of the plate is reinforced with an additional 10mm thick plate. This thickened edge also helps in the connection of the balustrade to the stair treads. The staircase is to be dressed in timber with the folded metal plate structure exposed on the underside.

  • Project Cost Confidential
  • Architect 1508 London
  • Images Fluid Structures / 1508 London
3D view on new staircase