Fluid’s Approach

Whilst the concept of Bau-Biologie (building biology) was founded after the Second World War and can be argued as the first considerations to the building envelope, the construction world is unofficially celebrating a generation of façade engineering as a now recognised discipline – or at least we at Fluid are. With the continued advancement in technology of materials we have become a race which encourages twisted geometric space frames and the skins to wrap them in. We endeavour for structural and performance excellence, this is not new, we have always been this way, however the rate at which the technology is globally available has changed as well as building principles.

At Fluid, we invest time into understanding the requirements of the project’s architectural language through to the physical fabrication and installation of the envelope. We take great pride and time in detailing those difficult irrational geometric junctions which are often left until the last minute or put into the too-difficult-to-draw category. Technical understanding of material limitations, installation techniques, construction and fabrication sequencing is developed during feasibility stages so that detailed drawings can be progressed faster to allow improved evaluation for tender. Providing our clients with engineered solutions, and the associated documentation to support and certify this proves invaluable and avoids questions such as “Now what?” or “So how does that work?” at contract award.

We are passionate about façade engineering at Fluid and our team are ready to proactively help by demonstrating their technical knowledge and high service levels. We welcome you to our practice and a fresh approach to façade consultancy.