Coca-Cola, Piccadilly Circus

Kinetic Facade

Both the Samsung and Coca-Cola signs had their south facing screens upgraded to provide the latest in LED display technology.

The screens offer the highest quality full motion video capability with improvements in brightness and colour reproduction and a reduction in power consumption. The same technology has been utilised for both screens where each is constructed of individual screen cabinets 2.1m long x 1.68m high. The cabinets are supported on a carefully detailed steel frame which stretches from Samsung right around the curved section of the Coca-Cola sign. This steel frame has been designed to provide a high degree of tolerance in 3 directions and a total vertical deflection of 3mm as demanded by Yesco, the screen manufacturer.

  • Project Cost £5 million
  • Architect Sedley place
  • Images Paul Smoothy / Fluid Structures