Chelsea Harbour

Phase’s I and II.

  • Project Cost £33 million
  • Architect Duggan Morris Architects
  • Images Fluid Structures

Phase I

The first phase of this project was a refurbishment of the internal spaces of the Design Centre and included a full internal redecoration. The structural work included the design of new balconies, glass balustrade, monitor supports a new internal staircase and the reassessment of the domes to support exhibits. 

Interior of refurbished space showing dome
Staircase in internal shopping centre

Phase II

In phase two, the existing buildings will be extended and a fourth dome added. The fourth dome will be added above the existing loading bay area and the sequence for this is relatively complex with several stages and the addition of large steel transfer beams. This new dome will be 4 storeys high and will contain an exhibition space, feature lift and additional retail floors. In addition a third floor level will be added to the original building and the Avenue will be enclosed by a lightweight roof at 2nd floor level so that this area can also be used as an exhibition space.  The existing structure is generally reinforced concrete although the roof over the loading bay comprises hard and soft landscaping on a concrete slab supported by deep steel beams.

South extension facade
Proposed feature lift and atrium roof structure