Centre for Sight, East Grinstead

The Centre for Sight is a new clinic building constructed in East Grinstead that offers Laser Eye Surgery Treatment since 1998.

  • Project Cost £3 million
  • Architect Toh Shimazaki Architects
  • Images Fluid Structures

The building, whilst being some 80 metres in length, is constructed on an intimate scale using traditional materials. The length of the building is broken up by small shifts in plan and at roof level. The construction is primarily in masonry with timber floors and timber or steel roof trusses. The theatre operating area and laboratory consists of a concrete insertion to avoid movement / vibration issues. The building has been fitted out with a very high level of servicing to facilitate the client’s requirements and the operation of laser and other specialist eye surgery equipment.

“Fluid Structures have a light touch and a clarity to structural solutions that has made it possible to achieve this rational yet sensual building for eye treatment.”
Yuli Toh, Toh Shimazaki Architects