45 – 46 Queensgate

Formally the Kuwait Embassy.

  • Project Cost £3 million
  • Architect Moren Greenhalgh
  • Images Fluid Structures

The existing building consisted of basement, ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and part-5th floors. The building comprised two parts, namely, a Victorian section and a 6-storey side extension built in 1975. The extension was added when the building was converted to an embassy building. The Victorian section consists of load-bearing masonry stud walls and timber floors except that the load bearing masonry walls between basement and ground have, in general, been replaced with reinforced concrete frames.

The work involved major alterations to the building structure including the introduction of steel transfer frames, a new 5th storey and removal and re configuration of major load-bearing walls throughout the building. In order to accommodate the new fifth floor extension the existing floor roofs/ floors were demolished and replaced with a new steel and timber structure. A new lift serving 6 storeys was also introduced into the building. This comprised a steel sway frame structure supported on a reinforced concrete lift pit and necessitated alterations to the fl oors up through the building.