4-6 St. Edmunds Terrace

The proposed development at 4-6 St Edmunds Terrace comprises of an eight storey reinforced concrete frame construction including a lower ground floor and two-storey basement.

  • Project Cost £7.5 million
  • Architect Clive Sall Architecture
  • Images Fluid Structures / Clive Sall Architecture

The lower ground floor slab will act as a podium/transfer slab which will support the superstructure columns. This is to create the required column-less space in the upper basement level.

A five-storey reinforced concrete frame is proposed above the lower ground floor. All floors comprise of 200mm thick flat slabs with 300mm circular and/or square reinforced concrete columns which support the slabs and a central 250mm thick shear core providing the overall lateral stability.



The main architectural features of the building that affect the structural strategy are:

  • The “checkerboard€ facades along St Edmunds Terrace and Wells Rise elevations. Column lines are, as a result, required to be staggered between floors to suit window locations. This necessitates reinforced concrete downstand beams (450mm deep), to transfer the loads across the discontinuous column lines.
  • The southern and eastern facades are set back as you move up the building. This imposes the requirement for internal transfer beams, 450mm deep, so as to transfer the external façade loads to the closest columns locations below.
Revit model of proposed scheme