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20 entries.
Marvellous work by John Graham. Very impressed with his engineering skills and ability to turn complex jobs into reality.
Tim Pattinson
Hi Dave, We were discussing some simple glass details with others in the office and showed them your website. The glass extension though a few years old now is still very impressive. Trust things are good in the UK. Very slow in New Zealand at the moment. Look forward to hearing from you.
Chris Smaller
As a structural engineer I am very impressed and envious of the work you do. Keep it up.
Peter Ato
Just been introduced to Fluid Structures and I must say your work is breath taking! Its innovation is legendary, and needless to say this is the sort of work Engineers should be engaged with in this century. Your research into other forms of structural supports outside the traditional beam and post forms is also great. Keep up the good work.
Jacob Somade
Very brilliant work, love the design of the glass staircase.
Christopher Gelber
Wow! What amazing work! I stumbled on to your site doing some research on structural glass. I think my life would be easier if you were located here in the USA. I am a designer and builder, currently working on building a house in Portland, Oregon designed by Allied Works Architecture and struggling to figure out how to do some complicated window details. They are quite the rage in the US right now with this redesign of the 2 Columbus Circle building in NYC. Anyway I am curious to know if you do any international work, or would you consider doing so, or if systems differ so significantly that it is too complicated. Or do you know anyone similar to what you are doing in the US? I hope to hear from you. Thanks Christopher
James Duggan
I am really impressed with the work for a structural engineering company. You seem to be able to merge both a creative and materials approach irrespective of the project size.
Asif Majid
Great site, great designs look forward to working with you in the near future
Sylvia Birrane
Beautiful. Fluid make engineering an Artform.
Mike Prior
Wonderful work, for those who do not have access to the sites, the postcards that David kindly asks us to print for him show great detail of each project. Well done to the team. Mike Prior
Simone DeGale
Hi I am interested in glass as a structure and some of your designs are exceptional with regards to modern design. If someone could get in contact with regards to technical detail I would be so grateful. Thankyou so much. Simone.
Martin O'Halloran
So I was sitting in one of your lectures when I noticed the piece of paper you were drawing on had, so I thought that must be his company. Very good website, much better than most websites in terms of layout and design. I would also like to thank you for your lectures, I wasn't going to turn up to them and I missed the first 2 as I knew how basic the maths was, but when I heard you were funny I thought I had to turn up. I was so relieved that you were the first lecturer that was actually living in the real world. Thanks.
Sean Sharp
Dave, You may remember me from Conisbee's, the Aussie who took long lunches. Anyway I've just read the IStructE awards and thought to myself the glass box extension had your name written all over it, so I typed in Fluid Structures in Google and well it was you. Congratulations, hope your all well. It looks like you've been working on some very interesting projects. I've got my own practice back here in Oz now, can't seem to convince my clients they need a glass staircase though. Take Care All.
Paulius Drutys
Challenging engineering!
Kalyanji Kerai
Amazing thoughts and amazing results, just pure as fluid water.
Geoffrey Kaye
Agus Hindaryanto
Excellent & interesting design.
Kevin Scholten
Great website. Very interesting.
Mohamed Ibrahim
Amazing. All the best.
Kristina Chuang
Hey David! I miss working at Fluid! I need to find some time to visit my old family again.