About Us

Engineering is a creative approach which allows thoughts and ideas to manifest themselves as architecture, space and objects in the physical world.

It makes use of mathematics and science, knowledge of materials and allows us to determine the stresses that physical objects should endure. It allows us to apportion sizes and thicknesses based on our knowledge of the material being employed.

In this practice these skills are essential to carry out the work we do. However, we believe that good engineering reaches much further than this and it is this philosophy that differentiates Fluid’s approach from the general engineering practices. We are interested in the process of making, fabricating and sequencing. Our material palette is wide and we are as comfortable designing multi-storey steel frames, structural glass extensions or temporary buildings which are air inflated.

Whilst we make use of highly sophisticated analysis programmes and BIM software we also know the difference between larch and cedar and why glass beading is an under used (but beautiful) aluminium finish.

Our Approach

  • Listening to the client and clearly defining the brief. We continually check that we are meeting their requirements and discuss the project regularly.
  • We like to participate in the design process from the beginning of the project, bringing creative ideas and research knowledge to the table.
  • We use our engineering skills and new technologies to create spaces that contributes to the health and welfare of the people using them.
  • Structural solutions embrace the long life, loose fit, low energy philosophy.
  • Building skins are designed to react in an intelligent manner to their immediate climatic conditions.
  • Materials are used on the basis of a programme that considers quality and sustainability as well as prime cost
  • Existing buildings are respected and treated in a sympathetic manner with an informed conservation approach.

Fluid Techniques

As a practice, we use a variety of techniques to provide design engineering input. We understand that both the design team and quite often the client need to be able to clearly see our proposals. To facilitate this we employ the following techniques:

Model Making


Testing & Mock Ups